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The Rush Ranch Educational Council (RREC), is an all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Our mission?To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation for Rush Ranch and the Suisun Marsh. 

This mission is being carried out by a small but dedicated group of individuals who give freely of their time and energy as docents and board members.

Rush Ranch Educational Council

Do you enjoy nature and being outdoors?

Are you interested in local history and culture?

Would you like to be part of a richly diverse group of enthusiastic individuals involved in interesting and rewarding endeavors?

Great!, because the Rush Ranch Education Council is looking for friendly and dynamic volunteers to join our team of Patwin Program docents. 

Patwin Program docents teach 3rd and 4th graders about the culture and daily lives of the Patwin.

No experience or special knowledge needed. 

Your skills and talents are encouraged and welcome.

Patwin Program days are onTuesday mornings
during the school year.

If interested, come on out to the ranch on a Tuesday morning (9 am) and participate as an observer, or call Mary Ann at 707-864-5952.

We hope to see you there!


picture of docent with schoolchildren


The Rush Ranch Educational Council (RREC), conducts an educational program that is provided, free of charge, to 3rd and 4th grade classes on field trips. The popular program, designed to meet 3rd & 4th grade California History/Social Studies Education Standards, teaches children about the aboriginal peoples who were seasonal residents of the land that eventually became Rush Ranch, the Patwin Indians. The program takes place at a recreated Patwin village site located on the marsh edge of the ranch. The village contains authentic replicas of a tule hut, a tule boat, and an acorn granary - all built by docents with traditional materials using traditional methods.  RREC docents use historically accurate tools and materials to demonstrate the different aspects of Patwin daily life and how the tribe was able to thrive by using only what was available to them seasonally and by practicing resource conservation. The children are divided into small groups and are rotated through six different stations - each one of which focuses on a specific area of Patwin daily culture, providing hands-on activities for the children to gain first-hand experience with native Patwin life. 

If you are a teacher interested in bringing your class to the ranch for the Patwin Program please contact Patricia Cooper @ 707-321-3085 or  rushranch@yahoo.com

All education programs at Rush Ranch are developed and administered by the Rush Ranch Educational Council, ein# 94-3177236. Donations to RREC go directly into our education programs. Your help is vital to continuing our programs. If you would like to help please send your check or money order, payable to RREC, to:

Rush Ranch Educational Council

PO Box 2088

Fairfield, CA 94533